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Summer Start PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 June 2010 07:28

In Memory of Jesse Hocket

Jesse Hocket

    Peoria, Arizona- In memory of Jesse Hocket an amazing spring car driver that died this last week. Jesse won the last race at Manzanita Speedway before it closed.

   Kelley hit practice last Friday to find that the fast car he stepped out of in October was still running strong and even better then ever. After some intensive set up and spring changes Kelley felt more confident then ever in the car and is very excited for his next race at Prescott Valley on June 5th.

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2010 is here! PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 March 2010 22:20

    Phoenix, Arizona- Just a quick update on the 2010 season! The team is doing great and definitely enjoyed a well rested off season. Mike raced at Canyon a couple weeks ago with the new motor and finished 2nd overall. Kelley will be running a very limited season this year as he pursues his efforts in obtaining a Mechanical Engineering degree. Be sure to follow him on Twitter; kelleyryan11.

Thanks for checking back and we'll keep you informed!

The Wins that Didn't happen PDF Print E-mail

Tucson Arizona- Highs and lows described the night as the team made it's 3 hour trek to Arizona's Premier Dirt Track; USA Raceway. The D shaped monster is very fast and provides for some all out full throttle racing. The Ryan Racing Team came prepared, loaded to kill and dominate the night with two ultra fast race cars but on track incidents put the team on the trailer.

The heats races fielded a 5th placs finish for Mike and a 6th place finish for Kelley. Mike was forced to come from the back and just couldn't make enough passes in time against the competitive field. While Kelley fought loose conditions that signaled extensive set up changes for the main.

The team quickly picked up on the track conditions for the main and set the cars up for a dry-slick racetrack. Mike would be starting 10th and Kelley 12th. After the green flag dropped both cars progressed through the field, but a spin in front of Kelley on lap 3 would leave him to make up ground on the field. On lap 5 Mike was hit from the right side by the 10 car of Jay Foster which cost him a broken axle forcing him into the pits. Kelley navigated through the wreck and restarted 6th. Kelley Ryan pulled away from the field with the top 5 cars and was anxiously preparing his move to push him up into the top 5. On lap 9 the dry-slick track conditions got the best of Kelley as he spun going into turn 3. After spinning Kelley was hit by another car farther back in the field which ended the night. The Ryan Racing team had two fast-competitive cars but the night just didn't go their way. Mike commented "This was my night, we were really fast and moving up quickly, I'm disapointed that we got taken out so early in the race, this was the best this car has every felt, we definitely would have been a contender for the win." Kelley was also preparing for a career best finished, but quickly realized that dirt track racing is a very technical sport. "We were really fast and feeling really comfortable, I was just guaging off of the guys racing in front of me, preparing to make a pass instead of racing the track and it got the best of me. We spun and we quickly realized how fast the track was changing. The groove was moving downards and in dirt track racing the track can instantly change in one lap and cause racing incidents. We'll keep working at it and learning how to win these races"

Although very dissapointed at the nights incidents the team made huge gains on the cars and both drivers were able to comment on how these were the best handling cars yet.

Join us at the next race in Prescott Valley on August 22nd! Stay tuned!




Modlites At Funugyz PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 September 2009 22:07

Peoria, Arizona- The Ryan Racing Team set out to Funugyz Sports Bar and Grill Wednesday nigh to support Canyon Raceway's "The Latest" which featured good food, race videos, and a live radio broadcast. Kelley was interviewed on the air by Doug Gabbard the owner and promoter of Canyon Raceway. He did a great job! The team will head out to practice tonight at Canyon Raceway and race at the track this coming weekend.

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PVR Show Down PDF Print E-mail

Prescott, Arizona- The Team headed up to the much cooler temperatures of Prescott Valley, Arizona to attend their 5th Arizona Modlite race of the season. A new track to both drivers put the two on the edge of their seats as they quickly fought to gain ground.

The track consists of a 1/4 mile clay oval that has very limited banking. The track was slippery during the heats races and tacky for the main. At the start of the main even Kelley started 15th and Mike 12th. The duo quickly moved forward and on four after a yellow flag Kelley was sitting in 11th and Mike 9th. The green dropped and Kelley found him self quickly approaching the #8 modlite and had to slow up just a little bit to avoid hitting the #8 car. The car behind Kelley did not slow up and spun Kelley going into turn 3. Kelley would later fight electrical problems that would result in the first DNF of the season.

Mike went on to finish 7th overall. Kelley reported "I'm really happy with the car, we've made huge changes and have had huge advancements and it's getting really comftorable to drive. Its  really showing too. At one point I thought I was going to pass my dad and finish better tell we got spun. I look foward to coming back here and finishing better next time." The team will visit Prescott Valley again June 11th for there next race after making their stop to Tucson Arizona May 30th.

Congradulations Kelley Ryan as he graduates May 27th!


Stay Tuned!